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Espresso Single Origin

Creamy, cinnamon, peach and pear.

Producer: Small Producers of Santa Ana
Region: Metapan, Santa Ana
Mill: Beneficio Montecristo
Variety: Bourbon, Pacas
Process: Fully Washed
Altitude: 1200-1600m

Each producer that contributes to this lot, wet mills and dries their coffees on-farm prior to delivery to the dry mill, Beneficio Montecristo. At the beneficio every day-lot delivered is cupped and assessed with this important feedback going back to the producer to help them monitor and improve their processing.

50 small producers from the region contribute to this lot. Coffees selected must be clean, meet a quality score and contribute to a flavour profile that is a defining example of coffee from the Santa Ana region of El Salvador.

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